Valitse sivu

 Who are you and why did you join NAPA?

I am Lasse Helenius and I work as a Senior Software Developer here at NAPA. I joined NAPA around 10 years ago as a Summer Trainee. At first, I did customer support and after I graduated from University, I became a software developer step by step.

How did you end up as a Software Developer?

I studied naval architecture at the Aalto University, however, I have always been interested in coding and computers. After my graduation, NAPA offered me a place where I could become one. It was a perfect opportunity as I knew the marine industry from my studies and I got support from our senior developers.

What kind of a work place NAPA is?

The company has grown a lot during my days. Nevertheless, it still feels the same trustworthy and warm place. Today we are a much bigger and very global company, however, we have managed to keep the same company culture and freedom that was ten years ago.

What kind of development team you have?

Our culture is based on self-management and here senior developers and newcomers work together. We all have same freedom to test out new ideas and make decisions.

As a developer, you get to focus on the things you already master or learn totally new things. There are no strict policies when or where you should work, so it is very flexible to work here.

What technologies are you using in your daily life?

I mainly work with .NET, C# and WPF.

What project you are working at the moment?

I have been working mainly with our product for ship design. At the moment we are updating our product’s technology stack and that has kept me busy. We started to develop the product already over 30 years ago, but the product is always evolving.

To whom would you recommend NAPA?

I would recommend NAPA to Developers of all ages. Here you will be surrounded by good mix of seniority and fresh ideas.